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Located in Southern Maryland, our owner Ron Rambo has been satisfying custom buiding needs in Maryland, DC, and VA for over 30 years. 

Almost everything in life from your choice of clothing, car, appearance, to the meal you last ate is customized to meet your individual desires.  Your home should cater to your custom needs as well, and it should be affordable.  We make it our goal to increase your comfort at a price that you can respect.

Customizing Homes to Satisify your lifestyle.

We live in a society that offers a full range of price options for anything we desire. From electronics to cars to food etc you can find a product that fits your price range.  Unfortunately when you have to budget these costs sometimes you end up with products that dont actually meet your needs, i.e. unhealthy foods, cheaply made electronics, and an unreliable vehicle.  We specifically cater our home improvement company to break this mould.


Here at American Eagle Building we have a team of professionals for; Home Improvement Remodeling, New Home Construction, and Additions/Decks/Porches.  Our goal is to provide top of the line custom construction, for a price that also adds to your comfort.  We believe top quality lives and products are what each individual deserves. This belief is also reflected in our profit sharing.  Read the article below to learn how our profits are helping improve the lives of orphans and malnourished children.

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